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Updated 07/22/2017 –   19,114 sockeye in the lake and Fish & Game raised the limit of Sockeye to 10 Reds. The last two days dumped tons of rain, the first day the bite was on all day.  When we walked down to our fishing hole there was already a fisherman there claiming the Entire spot. I said hello to him (Hay Bear!!!).  He just looked at me and continued to fish.  He eventually caught his limit and moved on. The Reds were definitely stacked up and hungry.  The 2nd day we had to cancel the trip due to the rivers being too high to cross. The foretasted weather for the next few days show 60’s and sunny. There are numerous deep holes for the Reds to make a pit-stop on their way to the lake.  Last summer was phenomenal, almost 58,000 Sockeye were counted from June 16th until August 2nd when the weir was pulled and the counting stopped.  Reds were still plentiful into late August and we had no problem filling the coolers. Kodiak fly fishing should see another spectacular summer and plenty of fish to present your fly’s.  Best way to get to Saltery is by Off Road vehicles…

 That’s where Reel Extreme Alaska fits in ..

Reel Extreme Alaska specializes in two types of guided services, a full day Off-Road Guided excursion 20+ miles to one of Kodiak’s back-country fishing locations, or a guided road system trip to the many rivers accessible by paved roads. Either trip you choose, I will put you on the fish. The most popular trip leads to Saltery Cove, which is known around the world for its incredible salmon runs.  Sockeye (Reds) start their run from mid June into August. Last year the Reds were everywhere, talk about giving your arm a workout.  Pink Salmon (Humpies) started late July-August. When the Silvers started showing up in August it was time to battle. These fish felt like you hooked into a torpedo, it was amazing watching these monster Silvers rocket through the water to attack your fly.

There are also plenty of  Dolly Varden, Steelhead and Rainbow Trout which can be frequently caught on any given day. The trip to Saltery Cove takes you through spectacular mountainous terrain, rivers, valleys and a few muddy spots. During your trip, you may see one of the largest brown bears known on the planet, the Kodiak Brown Bear, (Check out this Video out) so be sure to pack your camera. Other photo opportunities may also present themselves, the American Bald Eagle, mountain goats, bison, deer, fox,  wild horses and of course tons of fish. I can provide all the fishing gear needed, or you can bring your favorite setup.  I also provide lunch, drinks and plenty of ice for your fish. My goal is to provide you with one of the best Fly Fishing Kodiak experiences of your life. “Click for Rates and Booking Information”

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